Thank You, Daniel!

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Today, May 15th is the Teacher’s Day (Día del Maestro) in Mexico. A day to celebrate educators around the country. From the parents, the first teachers, to the teachers in the schools, colleges, professional life, every one of them leaves a mark.

Daniel and Neeraj (Nonni’s Bistro, 2019)

I want to take the opportunity today to thank Daniel Elizalde, who has been an incredible mentor and a teacher. He is a champion everyone should want to have to root for them. He helped me have a deeper understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. He pushed me to start my blog and share my experiences. Whether it is to share a career update or discuss an issue, Daniel has always been there. He has proved, time and again, that a phone call or an email away isn’t just an expression. 

I still remember the first time I met Daniel wanting to discuss a range of topics. The list included a variety of issues related to the IoT industry, Product Management frameworks for IoT, and building a successful IoT program that he taught at Stanford. He was patient and went through each of those topics meticulously explaining his journey. I will never forget the thoughtful exchange with Daniel. Not only did he focus on answering all my questions but also ensuring that I left with a deeper understanding of the topics discussed. Like a real teacher, he even gave me some homework to do afterward. And checked-in a few weeks later to see how I was doing.  

While diplomas mark the formal end of education, the learning never really stops. In professional life, irrespective of the years spent, there is always something new to learn or to hone what you already know. I consider myself fortunate and privileged to have mentors such as Daniel to tap in to for brainstorming and guidance. Every exchange has been a positive, guiding influence and am very thankful for that.

Happy Teacher’s Day, Daniel!

PS: I would be remiss if I did not thank Rich Mironov, my mentor-in-residence, who introduced me to Daniel. Forever grateful.

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