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My name is Neeraj Mathur. I am an experienced, mission-oriented Product Management and Design leader. At present, I am the VP of Products at ForUsAll.

An entrepreneur at heart, I have built and launched products on a global scale for more than two decades. I have worked in large Enterprises such as Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco Systems. I have also been privileged to work at several successful startups, including Bluebox Security, Skyhigh Networks, Serena Software, Authentic8, Inc.).

I am passionate about technologies and solutions that solve hard problems for people. I leverage my expertise and contribute to FinTech, HealthTech, Security, and Collaboration domains. I pursue every opportunity with a simple goal, “make an impact so that people can have a better tomorrow.” I create and thrive in environments that allow fresh ideas to become a tangible offering in the hands of customers in a short time.

A curious and creative technologist, I love music, art, history, food, and travel. I am also a runner who wishes to complete a half-marathon in 2020 and run ten by 2025. While I was born and raised in New Delhi, India, I have been a Bay Area resident for over two decades. I live in Los Altos, California.

Read more about my professional background on LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter.

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Neeraj Mathur
Neeraj Mathur
Neeraj Mathur
(Neeraj Mathur)
VP Product Management, Design, Founder, CEO, Product Manager,
VP Product Management, Founder, CEO, Product Management

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