Time to Act is Now

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Children are precious.
Children are our future.
They are worth a strong fight.

As parents, as adults, keeping our kids safe from all harm is our primary responsibility.

Personal beliefs aside, we can all agree on these basic tenets.

The senseless killing of kids (and adults) in Texas yesterday is another link in our country’s long chain of mass shootings. Irrespective of the attribution – easy access to guns, lack of mental healthcare, or something else – we can all agree that the time to act and end this ongoing mass-shooting epidemic is now. Holding ourselves accountable, holding our elected officials accountable, and demanding immediate action that eliminates this unnecessary loss of innocent, precious lives is what we can all start with.

These are my kids walking to their elementary school.

Kids walking to school - act now
Kids Walking to Elementary School – 2022

At their school, they go through drills to keep themselves safe at school. Yup, you read it right – at their school – a place where they should only care about learning, enjoying with friends, and growing up as responsible citizens, they practice how to protect themselves and each other if a shooter was to make their way somehow. School superintendents should not have to send letters about security measures. Principals should not have to field questions about gun violence on campus.

It is not normal.
It is not right.

We are creative problem-solvers. And this is a problem of our creation. And together, we must relentlessly work towards solving this – starting now.

I cannot find words to comfort the numerous parents who have lost their kids since the Columbine shooting. All I can say is, that you are not alone. I promise to do my part to honor your kids’ (and yours) sacrifice and to protect my own and those around me.

Hug them longer.
Hug them tight.