“Mentoring” is NOT a commercial relationship.

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“Mentoring” is not a commercial relationship.

If someone is being paid for their time – they are coaches, consultants, tutors, etc., but not mentors.

Over the years, I have been very fortunate to have some fantastic leaders mentor me over time; no one asked for a dime. They were (and a couple still are) interested in my growth and helping me with skills I sought to learn and sharpen.

Last few weeks, I have been asked to join a couple of programs where “mentors” get paid for their time – up to $450.00 per hour. I find this very disturbing.

Mentoring is about committing to someone for a duration (typically 6 months to a year or more) and seeing them build/sharpen skills and thrive.

“Paid” Mentoring is “Coaching.”

And there’s nothing wrong with it. People (and companies) offering such services should be upfront with their prospects on both sides (mentees and mentors) and label it appropriately.

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